Purchase the Vehicles Process

On LemonLotZoo.com, search an extensive list of available vehicles - all with pre-sale maintenance and guaranteed passed inspection, dealing directly with local dealerships, where you’re simply going to get the best deal!

This means you can search a HUGE selection and have more options.

And your benefit? You simply cut out the middleman and get a great deal!

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[ Step 1 : Search and contact ]

Exclusively for US Military & SOFA Civilians serving in Japan...
Search & request more info on a vehicle you like - then we will set you up to check it out.
It’s easy - but we know how you feel, so we take you by the hand.
Because, It’s a ZOO out there!

[ Step 2 : Purchase the vehicle ]

Don’t let the language barrier get in the way of a great deal! 
The dealerships want to work with you - and you can save BIG TIME! 
LemonLotZoo is here to provide language assistance as needed.

[ Step 3 : Deposit paid ]

If you like what you see and would like to purchase the vehicle, pay in full or simply hold it with a deposit paid directly to the dealership.

Dealer will provide receipt and copy of registration, and they will schedule the required inspection and apply for parking certificate from local police station if required.

[ Step 4 : Documents required by your base ]

We will advise you of all documents required by your base Vehicle Registration Office based on your individual circumstance, such as SOFA driver’s license, liability insurance, on-base/off-base parking certificate, current orders, and approval from command if required.

[ Step 5 : Once inspection]

Once inspection is complete and all documents are in order, we will coordinate with you to meet with the dealership to pay in full, and to receive all required documents from the dealership.
Bring all documents to the base VRO to get registration package for final ownership transfer at the LTO - Land Transportation Office.

[ Step 6 : Delivery ]

Dealer will bring vehicle and VRO registration paperwork to LTO to complete the transfer of ownership, and then they will deliver the vehicle & keys to your door.

[ Final Step ]

Final step - customer will bring all completed paperwork to the base VRO to receive annual road tax sticker - apply sticker to the top-center of windshield. You’re done!


Congratulations on the purchase of your new car!
Remember, it’s a ZOO out there!
But at LemonLotZoo.com, our aim is to find you a great vehicle, at an even better price, all with a hassle-free experience.
Our goal is that you will want to share your experience with those who could benefit from our services.

Enjoy your new ride… and enjoy exploring Japan!